Refining 3 (don’t stop believin’)

I’ve tried styling my background but it keeps on failing and I am so frustrated, and yes last minute, I decided to not stress myself and quickly find a solution to redo my wireframe, so I read and followed one by one and it worked smoothly although there’s some mistake occurred by all is well!

Life savior – THANK YOU TESSA! YOU HAVE SAVED ME! Especially my wireframe…


Me on the left side, FINALLY! SALLY is on my left hand side now.3913374

Hardcoded my footer! At least I understand how now, as I always had this problem. But I still used the technique from https://appendto.com/2016/09/css-simple-sticky-footer/ the sticky footer.


Fixed! But wait the footer isn’t, the upper part is fixed structure is there!

And one thing I realised, whenever I used percentage, scaled the browser window, it follows automatically while if I set with px it stays statically.

Moving on to fixing minor things, I tried the header (“Location “); on my connection php, and it still doesn’t work. 😦


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