Refining 2 (go go brain!)


Yes it’s late and should be last minute work and HOPING for a miracle. (Bad practise, every time the habit is still there, so difficult to make that change šŸ˜¦ ).


I kind of got the definition of <th> <td> through echoing data on php, and one thing that I always have to add the air quotes whenever I typed the <th> <td> and <br>. Also one more thing I don’t really get it was the dot . in php, I read it was a stringĀ concatenation (the action of linking things together in a series.) from php.net explained that the first is the concatenation operator (‘.’), which returns the concatenation of its right and left arguments. BUT! After a few tries reading and staring at the code, I think I get it, and yes I didn’t really try to read it a few times and understand it, I want to have a quick understanding and that’s what I get for not giving it 100%.

I don’t get it but it works.

Searching for more information and stumbled on thisĀ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4331353/retrieve-data-from-db-and-display-it-in-table-in-php-see-this-code-whats-wron I used this as an example so that I can write the code by myself and prevent copy and pasting mindlessly, which I did it before on other assignments.


I think doing it a few times, I get the hang of it, on php it does need to be aware of the air quotes, the dot and the echo (the echo is not a major issue but the air quotes as I might mistype or forget to type). My specialist Mervin also mentioned that if I use php I will have to take care of these things of which I have mentioned, the air quotes, dot and echo.

Image reference









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