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User test (13th January 2017)

Notes 13-01-2017



For my user test, it was involved with BIMD Level 4 students, lecturers and classmates, this user test was to test the overall website experience, understand of the aim, visuals design, mood and usability. So, in total I have collected a total of 6 person’s feedback as this is a minimum requirement as well.

On the first person, I did not set up a scenario for them, just introduced myself and asked to sign the consent form before interacting. After the first user test, Sweii came up to me and asked a few question and told me that it likes a discussion rather than a user test and request me to set up a scenario else the data would be inaccurate.

On the second person, I set up a scenario, because I thought it was alright to not include the scenario and brought up a scenario with all of sudden, my brain sort of tangled together, but the task must carry on.

Another thing that I have notice was to each person the scenarios have been given was slightly different but the keywords were there, high school, bullying and not be able to express, website, and consequences.

I have collected 5 screen recording and another one recording was missed due to the reason where I was observing the person’s action on the half way, and I thought I pressed it and it was being recorded but IT DID NOT. Also I did not want to interfere the process… (figure 1). Video screen recording was not included in the blog post due to the terms and condition that both parties have agreed on.


Figure 1

I have listed and summarised the user data as shown in figure 2.

user test result.JPG

Figure 2


I know I should not be including this, but I was quite curious so I kept it just to test and it made me smile because of all the users they tend to click on the “Change__________________.” the blank space to be specific. To clarify this, it was a concept where for instance, back in high school there’s question like Change (fill in the blank), or create a sentence based on the given word, like from my example: Change my thoughts because if I keep on behaving like this, the consequences will be unpleasant. Different person have their own unique sentence.

Blank, confused and uninterested expression atmosphere was really heavy.

Tends to scroll on the sign and symptoms and guidance page.

Blank expression and not sure what to do after they have submitted their message.


Overall the user testing was still a good experience because I need to interact with people that’s not from my class. And I thought I was doing fine with the user testing but Sweii noticed that I didn’t do it in a correct way and asked me a few questions, the reason I did not setup any scenario one of the reason was because I just want to purely observe how user interact without telling anything, because if I set the scenario they know what to do and act, if I do not at least I can get the idea whether from my website itself can deliver the idea to user.


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