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Vroom vroom (current progress)

Notes 28-12-2016



Tasks to do

  1. Complete my core content
  2. Show depression and anxiety only, because its my target
  3. Add in image to support my content
  4. Going to borrow Wacom at school the next day
  5. “conversion” naming problem – Sweii mentioned it sounded more towards like a technical terms, lacks in a sense of a humane feel.
  6. Send out test tomorrow 29-12-2016, manage the questionnaires and fix a little bit
    of the website.

Rearrange the contents for my website and read Change One Thing by Sue Hadfield which I barely read it after I purchased it with my book voucher.

Changing and redesigning the logo. I thought about the image that shares similar meaning of my project, so it turns out what I had in my mind was a “C” which is the “C”hange and start to develop from there. (Fixed the logo issue where I need to click and link to the index.html).

Changed the wording issue. Conversion to Change____________.  The “_______________”. part was actually a metaphor of fill in the blank of a question.

image1.JPGFig. 1: Rough sketch of the logo and brainstorming as well.

logo design.jpg

Fig. 2: Tried to digitalise the logo, estimated 100x100px.


I thought I can complete some task that I have set to do today BUT EVENTUALLY I DID NOT COMPLETE ANY OF IT… And I’ve just recalled Ginn Yaw words regarding to the technical part, IF I REMEMBER correctly as well, he mentioned that I can look for him for the technical part, and I did not bother to, because one simple reason that I want to try it first before asking anything.

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