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Another concern (on mobile device)

Notes 29-12-2016



I am using an IPhone 4s and it turned out the portrait mode, the background image was repeated as I did not set it as no repeat in CSS, while landscape mode does not have that issue yet the footer did not cover the bottom page in terms of the width. My current focus was on the desktop version because trial and error occurred more often and the only media query that I had done was max-width 320px and min-width  480px.

Another issue was the “Your words” page as I do not have to type in any message I can still be able to submit my message and the  “required” function did not worked on safari browser.

These images were the process of testing on my actual website.

From what you have seen in the Thank you for your input page, I have not write any code yet, and that page was not suppose to be there as 1. there will be another page that display other user’s message, 2. it will stay on the same page without navigating user to another page and of course there will be a page or a button to access to the user’s message (this might sound sophisticated or confusing, but I will update it once I have figured and complete it).


So now its either I try to apply the Javascript form/button again, mostly will be just the button to prevent user submitting empty comments. (Need to decide as soon as possible).


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