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And you did not foresee this (again)

Notes 29-12-2016




Oh dear, while I have sent my website for Yee Ying to do a quick test because my logo in my laptop’s browser can be seen in Fig. 1.

This video shows the issues of:

  1. The comment box jumping in 4 direction
  2. When browser resized the comment box showed the blue box surrounding it. I have not yet look into the issue, however I will figure it out and fix it after finishing this post.
  3. The logo worked perfectly according to w3school’s “alt” function, and not sure why my browser has that black background and it worked fine in incognito mode that can be seen in Fig. 2.
  4. The green button in Fig. 3, it does not appear in my machine’s browser yet it appeared on another machine’s browser. What I can assume was that the browser isn’t the latest version because I’ve inserted the “required” function in my html form and according to w3 school and one source said the newest browser HTML5 supports this function.

logo issue.jpgFig. 1: Logo issue, the background appeared as I have saved it as a PNG file.

incognito mode.jpg

Fig. 2: The logo did not displayed the black background, it is also applied to other pages as well.

the green button on the comment box.jpgFig. 3: Green button at the edge of the comment box.


I am not sure why it occurred on my browser but I have not clear the cache or something related to the browser, because I realised that every time I uploaded my files into the server, it did not refresh for some reasons… But as I mentioned incognito worked fine.


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