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Keep going! (Validation form)

Notes 28-12-2016

Activity log

1:07am – Tried the JS form but it didn’t really worked well, I still don’t understand the algorithm or something… So I found a few website that suggested the “required” function that worked in the newest version of web – html 5 and I have insert it in my code and it worked accordingly. But I’m not sure the older or other browser works or not.


Fig. 1: Testing it on the actual website, no input was insert in the comment box.

281220162Fig. 2: Pressed the “Spread your words!” button, triggered an alert message by asking user to fill in the comment box.

281220163Fig. 3: Insert random alphabets in the comment box.

281220164Fig. 4: The input has been successfully recorded into the database.


Fig. 5: User input can be seen from Fig. 3 has recorded in the actual database.


References list

These links has guided me in understanding and using the “required” function.







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