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Notes 16/12/2016



However it was not the comment that was submitted from the comment box, it was only from pressing the submit button which was the “value = (any name)” property.

Initially not wanting to look at my peer’s previous assignment as Ying Yee has shared that she did the database as well, however I was curious and I wasn’t sure what I was having in mind at that moment so I briefly took a look at it especially the screenshots and roughly getting the idea. What I’ve realised was that I’m using a html instead of a PHP and changes has been made after the reference.

I’ve used other example to try it out, the inmotionhosting were doing a great job and the homeandlearn, it seems that the “while” (abcd –> giving me error although it was properly followed)and still has issue.

References list


My classmate Ying Yee mentioned that she did the same mechanism for her last project and shared with us her blog, where she shown her project progress.





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