Update log (I think I went crazy a little bit)

Notes 29-12-2016 ============== HIGHLIGHT AHH, IT FEELS GOOD ANYWAY I MEANT BY HAVING THINGS WORKED OUT.  4:51pm cleared browser and the logo worked fine without showing the black background in the normal browser view. 6:29pm according to w3school safari does not support the required attribute 6:52pm tried w3school js forms and it worked as i’ve… Continue reading Update log (I think I went crazy a little bit)

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Displaying user message (yes)

Notes 29/12/2016 ============== HIGHLIGHT BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THIS PHASE, I HAD DONE THE DISPLAYING FUNCTION AND IT WORKED. I proceed to the next phase when I have succeeded in connecting to the database by testing out the codes. After succeeded the submit message phase, I did another formal and stricter round of understanding the codes… Continue reading Displaying user message (yes)

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Vroom vroom (current progress)

Notes 28-12-2016 ============== HIGHLIGHT CURRENT WEBSITE’S PROGRESS Tasks to do Complete my core content Show depression and anxiety only, because its my target Add in image to support my content Going to borrow Wacom at school the next day “conversion” naming problem – Sweii mentioned it sounded more towards like a technical terms, lacks in… Continue reading Vroom vroom (current progress)

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Speeding up the progress! (Submit user’s message into database)

Notes 25/12/2016 ============== HIGHLIGHT I HAVE SUCCEEDED IN SUBMITTING MY MESSAGE INTO THE DATABASE, HURRAY! All these moments I knew that there was something missing to connect these files together and I do not believe others’ method and due to my lazy symptoms and I did not try any of that. This might sound dramatic…?… Continue reading Speeding up the progress! (Submit user’s message into database)