Notes 12/11/2016

This is the first consultation after 2 months of semester break with my specialist, Mervin, byeee Lin Yew it was worth while arguing my ideas and executions with you. 😀 😦

As I was concerned about purchasing the correct website to host my final project as I was afraid of missing a component as well and during the consultation I have asked Mervin what to look for in general and didn’t really mentioned in terms of the specs. I bought up the website that I have purchased during my foundation year to Mervin and asked him to recommend me any websites that he has used or known as I want to know my options.

Tracking back to the foundation year, the domain that I have brought was a student hosting and I was not sure if its sufficient to hold my project, thus I did not renew it and my initial planning was to purchase a new domain, I have asked my classmate, Yee Ying and Sebastian whether they have bought their own domain, Yee Ying said she purchased the student hosting while Sebastian have not because she wants to know her options of the price.


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