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#19 Thoughts

Week 6

I was not expected and a bit surprised that during one of the lecture classes from lecturer Daniel and lecturer Ms. Ang talked about topic related to oneself and mental health, which it is something that I want to work on for my final degree project. Deja vu? Nope.

During the first week of class, Daniel showed an image as can seen below. Because I had mentioned this visual design to lecturer Sweii and included one work that is similar to my direction in the 54321 poster, that it would be a seed that grows into a tree, and that tree has the ability to produce different fruits.

daniel MG

On week 5, 16th of June, Ethic class from Ms. Ang shared a story about one of her student that happened to be mentally ill and that student of her called her in the middle of the night just to talk to. Ms Ang said that luckily she spent time to listen to her, because you will never know what might happen to the person that is mentally ill will do. and Ms Ang said it’s difficult to find someone that is willing to listen to one’s story.

Nonetheless, I am not sure if this is a good thoughts or something, unique or common ideas or thoughts that anyone could come up with… Again I have to emphasize that the idea was just purely from my life experiences.

Extra: The name of this album is “Blooming Period” from a south korean group called Block B. Why I show this was because it is also related to the idea of the “plant” word as well, it’s more like the older you get, you get to realise something, more mature? (probably not the right word to use) but I think you will know that something one day.

blooming period


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