Feed back

#15 Feedback (Forth round)

Week 4

Receiving some feedback from Lin Yew after the consultation. The most unexpected thing was that Lin Yew was a bit of surprised when I said I have finalised my target audience. He told me to find some case studies and solution regarding to teenagers with mental illness. Because I couldn’t answer Lin Yew when he asked me certain questions.

Lin Yew also suggested me to draw out the user flow to find out the possibilities on what, why, how, when, where and the issues that teenagers with mental illness faced. Furthermore, the most useful and rational suggestion was to try to visit psychology center, but one thing that I am concerned was the ethics approval.

Therefore, I will still need to make some adjustments, because I had never thought about these questions before. The choices for me right now was to choose to focus on teenagers with mental illness or creating a social awareness, because the feasibility of  targeting for mental illness will be challenging for me.


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