Consultation · Overall

#14 Consultation (Forth round)

Week 4

Will be carrying out the second round of consultation with Lin Yew.

Area of discussion:

Target audience, idea

Notes of discussion:

  • Final confirming about the target audience. Going for the teenagers with mental illness. Why? For instance, when they get bullied, they are afraid to seek for help and might think that they will get in trouble. and also because I really want to give them a chance and space to let them express, tell their stories, and as anonymous to protect their personal information. As they will be comfortable to be more open and know that they are others out there suffering from this mental illness too, and thus indirectly people can be aware of them. However, interaction wise I will go for another approach to let others to be aware of it, still in the developing process.
  • Key idea – to let them express their stories, supportive idea – interactions, educational game, short animation, or interactive video (as suggested by first consultation with Lin Yew) for audience without mental illness to take part of it.
  • Provide mental illness symptoms to let audience be aware of it, but I will clarify that these symptoms cannot be use as an official medical statement, therefore, will include an explanation to inform them to please consult a professional in the medical-related field to have an accurate result.

Agreed actions:


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