#13 Research for solutions

Week 3 and week 4

So, after having three consultation from week 2 and week 3, I have decided to hold on to my target audience, which is to aim for teenagers with mental illness. And how was it going to be effective when Sweii asked me this question, my thought is that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I believe if they express themselves for several times, there would be a slight difference of seeing a little change in their lifestyle or others to be aware of it.

Therefore, the reason why I choose website as one of my platform was due to last time one of my assignment needed to purchase a domain to host our website, Lecturer Kelvin introduced us to one of the service where the class could purchase it From my experience, the website last for 2 years so my project won’t end in a day or so. So that they can keep on expressing themselves. However, I will look into details regarding to host a website, database, and et cetera.

As I have mentioned in my #8 post, I will be doing my research based on that, searching for better solutions for the targeted audience. There are some life events occurred that causes these mental illness to be form,

For the current state I have found similar pattern, which is to listen to them and don’t lecture.

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