Feed back

#10 Feedback (third round)

Week 3

After meeting up with Mervin for tutorial, I have received few feedback

Idea: The idea was okay, nothing specific to highlight from Mervin.

Issue: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Target audience: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Why teenagers: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Why young adults: Nothing specific being mentioned.


Kinect -What’s the purpose of using this?

Suggestion from Mervin, as for the input, I can try to play with different gestures as an indication of certain emotion like angry, sad and such, while the output will react accordingly with the gesture and visual will be displayed.

Website – Nothing specific being mentioned.

Mobile – For users to type their stories because it allows personal space and time for them to fully express themselves.

Database – Nothing specific being mentioned.

Word filter – Is it necessary to have this?

Suggestion from Mervin, as our society has already being filtered so it would be better to make it as pure as well.

Execution: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Visual: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Extra: Nothing specific being mentioned.

Another suggestion from Mervin was Whisper, an mobile app that allows people to express themselves. Users could have an account and to chat with others.



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