#9 Consultation (third round)

Week 3

Before meeting up with Mervin, the area of discussion will be the idea, issue, target audience and technical. I’ve changed a little bit of the idea and teenager’s age after two consultation from Lecturer Sweii and Mentor Lin Yew.

Idea: To encourage people with mental illness to express themselves more and to create social awareness.

Issue: Realised that they are unable to express themselves due to mental illness. Mental illness, there are a few of them and I want to tackle with the common ones which are depression, anxiety, dementia (memory loss, impaired judgment), bipolar disorder (mood swings), and schizophrenia (affects how a person thinks, feels, and behave).

Target audience: Teenagers from the age of 14-19 (main) and young adults from the age 20 to 35 (secondary).

Why teenagers: Their mind starts to develop more as they are growing up and realised things, where some unfortunate teens have to go through bullying in high school, as it is slowly forming mental illness. These mentally ill teens, some of them have trouble to open up regarding to the subject, it’s either being afraid to tell or feeling ashamed. Thus, I want to encourage them to express themselves by typing out, try to open up instead of bottling up. As for the ones that doesn’t have this kind of experiences, to be aware of the effects that mental illness can impact one’s future.

Why young adults: Some of them might have mental illness due to college and works, while the ones that doesn’t have this issue, I hope that they are aware of their friends and family members might have been suffering from it


Kinect – For audience to navigate the screen during exhibition.

Website – To retrieve and view messages sent by the users.

Mobile – For users to type their stories because it allows personal space and time for them to fully express themselves.

Database – To store information and retrieve messages. MySQL

Word filter – To restrict users using inappropriate words.


Initial idea is installation.


Not abstract style.


I’ve shown Mervin a rough sketch of how the installation might look like.


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