#8 In class task

Week 3

The class has been assigned to an in class task – user analysis where it was prepared by Sweii. The reason was, Sweii wants us to identify our target audience.

Name: Wong Hui San

Age: 22

Profession: University student


In teenager’s period, she remembered that she was verbally bullied during high school, she felt helpless where she can’t tell the head principle or do anything to stop the bullying and would not want her family to tell as well. For what she knows that things can get worse as she is away from her family and one of her friend didn’t even help her thus, she have to deal with the bullying by herself. Years later she realised that her mental issue got worse, she constantly think that everything is wrong, for anything she do or say, easily frustrated over simple things, having mood swings and feeling empty.


To have a chance to express themselves, as it helps them to feel relieved.


To help realise mental illness symptoms in the early stage, seek for help as soon as possible as it will get worse if leave untreated.

We must:

Listen to them first and question them later for a better understanding of their situation.

We must not:

Lecture people when they are trying to express themselves, especially going through.


Bottling up emotions and thoughts, as she believes that no one understand her.

Playing online games as she can freely express herself.

Whenever emotional, she draws.

Day in life storyboard :


Aura diagram:

I just noticed that the gender section I typed males and females, it is not referring to the persona that I have provided, I want to target male and female in general saying.







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