#4 Consultation (first round)

Week 2

Sweii requested us to do a side assignment, where we are required to fill out some given questions, and a “54321 poster”, This helps us to scope down the topic or interest that we want to do as our final year project. After having to consult Sweii about my idea, I was so clear about what I want to do as I have the mind-map slowly developing inside my mind for a month advanced,  but it turn out to be a flop when I present it. But it’s not going to stop me from doing it anyway.

So the first version of document writing goes like this:

  • What is the issue / concept / problem you want to address?

The issue is about the ones that have trouble expressing themselves and having unpleasant experiences, as some of them might attached to the past experience.

  • What do you want to create? (what is it? The kind of things it will be. The genre)

I want to create a platform for people to type out their unpleasant experiences, from that point I want to pinpoint after they have typed out their words, as for the genre will be social (an activist approach).

  • Who is it for? (who will needs it? / Who will experience / use it?)

My targeted audience will be teenagers from the age of 13 to 19 and young adults from 20 to 35, but I wanted to focus on the ones with mental illness. Not restricted whose age is above 35.

  • What is the key idea? (In another word, how is it different from other similar artefact?)

The key idea is to encourage people with mental illness to type out their life experiences, hopefully they get to be aware about why and how it occurred and perhaps help them to detach the past and have a more positive mindset. While also encourage people without mental illness also be aware that there are people went through horrible experiences and wish that they won’t repeat the cycle.

  • Why do you want to make it? (What are you trying to achieve by doing this?)

To achieve a better self-awareness as it can help by changing the perspective of thinking. I do not want them to be attach to the past and I want people to have a sense of empathy.

  • What is its form and what platform it locates?

There will be visual and text, post from the users, users will have to browse via mobile to access to the website and type out their personal experiences. The platform will be a website.

  • What technology will it employ?

Kinect, mobile and MySQL (to store and retrieve data from website)

  • I wish to be supervised under the mentorship/guidance of Mervin, Lin Yew, Yi Wei and Zui.

While the “54321” poster goes like this:

Also the numbers has their own representative

5: similar things (artefacts you found from your research) to what you are thinking about –
both direct and indirect associations, name them, show their covers, or an image from them, you are saying ‘It will be like this…’
4: sources of inspiration (music, poetry, film, game, novel) that are in play when you think
about this idea
3: ‘heroes’ who you associate with the work you are creating
2: ‘theories’ that are of relevance
1: ‘issue’ you are aware of that will be involved in the production/making (skills, knowledge, resources..)

The photos were the artefact that are similar to what I want to deliver

54321 poster


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