#2 First week: Idea sharing

Week 1


Pecha-Kucha has finally ended, a bit disappointed as always because I’ve failed to deliver my speech without looking at my notes, my mind went blank and halfway my voice was unstable as my nervousness kicked in.



Slide 1. Hello guys, I’m going to share with you guys about my  interest of specialization and career vision.Topics & areas that you are interested to work as your degree final projects. Your thoughts and expectation about your degree final project.

Slide 2, 3. When I was young, I get to play board games such as monopoly, checkers, Othello, snake and ladders and the most enjoyable was scrabble, however during my primary school days I get to play video games on computer and Playstation and lastly moving into online games. This experiences that I had made me want to know more about games. like how does this action actually works and I can’t figure it out why.

Slide 4, 5. And moving onto another thing I’m interested in like for example, having to assemble a robot with different parts of it and i know it is time-consuming but somehow I find it kind of like video editing because I tend to edit a certain part till I’m satisfied, and when I get to build something up with different things, the outcome can be surprising and really rewarding as well.

Slide 6, 7. I’m a very curious person and sometimes it scares me because when I get too curious I start to dig for more information and because of some personal experiences, it made me wonder so I started to try to be that person and think from his perspective and somehow I find myself that my mind has been bouncing back and forth with their thoughts along with mine. it’s quite interesting and I can actually learn something different.


Slide 8. so as for my career vision, I would like to be a game designer, and i wanted to focus on the User experience rather than the user interface, because I’ve been playing a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game called Guild Wars 2 for several months now and I really appreciate and enjoyed the user experience in the game.


Slide 9. next, I would like to be a film and video editing designer because there’s one thing that I actually hope that it can lead me to work with the music industry and that’s mostly I’m curious and interested about.


Slide 10. and also I’m interested in being a UX designer, because I think I prioritize
experience more than the visuals whenever I start on any project, and I believe that designing user experience have a stronger impact towards people.


Slide 11. so, the topic that I wanted to do is about awareness, I found that it’s a valuable
thing to have a sense of awareness especially in self-awareness, because I had some
personal experience and encountered with people regarding to this and I wish it could
help by making a little changes in their lives.


Slide 12. another topic that I would like to work on is education, and the concept that I
want to do is to have an engaging and fun learning experience through different kind of
interaction has provided for them.


Slide 13. Next one is about games, and the direction of the game won’t be playing solely on the screen, I wanted to have more human interaction rather just playing by your own and staring at the screen. and I think it will be interesting and exciting.


Slide 14. I wanted to try different direction so, one of my idea I thought of using Kinect to navigate because I think it’s going to be fun and requires a bit effort to navigate properly for some people and instead of just using a mouse.


Slide 15. makey-makey, because of the buttons and portable, and I’ve played with the
makey-makey before during my previous project and I would like to challenge it again
because I like the concept of mixing and matching different things together.


Slide 16. so for projection mapping, I remembered that our lecturer Jazmi said that play with the space, because of that concept, so I find that it’s quite interesting to work with because I have the freedom to express not just on the screen.


Slide 17. and the last concept, besides using hand to draw or to control, and I think this is an interesting thing to consider using voice or fully utilise musical instruments as one of the tool to interact with certain things.


Slide 18. so my thought is because I know that im quite easily distracted by certain things and hopefully I won’t go off track or change of heart after the decisions has being made.


Slide 19. so my expectations are to actually have fun and enjoy on working on my degree final project because I think that’s something to keep me going else I will be unmotivated and also to have other opportunities to showcase our degree final project in other locations like the Shakespeare project.


Slide 20. besides, I hope that my final project could somehow connect to people in terms of understanding what I’m trying to convey the message. and one more thing regarding to the outcome of my final project, I would like to achieve some qualities and values for it.


Sweii – She said some of us have a clear view of the direction while others,  the ideas was too brief.


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